Saturday, February 20, 2010

Never and Forever

Good Morning and Bless The Lord’s Name Forever!It’s 4:30 in the morning. It’s rainy, quiet, and dark. As real as this moment is, it will change in a matter of hours. It will change because there will never be a day (in our lifetime) the sun won’t shine – never a morning the light won’t come. Today the power of our God still reigns and everything He has spoken to be – will be. How awesome is our God that only He controls and empowers the words “Never” and “Forever”. These two words belong to Him –only to our God. Because of His strength and reign, never will the ocean overtake the land or the beasts dominate mankind. Never will the firmaments fall, the seed stop producing, the mountains all tumble, and the stars fall from the sky. Because of God some things just NEVER will be. NEVER will Satan reign and wickedness prevail! The soundness of the Lord is more than reason for my soul to rest!God said, “NEVER a time I will forsake you! FOREVER I hear your cry!”

“We’ve prayed for you.”
Pastor Wilma